Here at TCR we are improving and evolving each day, to ensure we are future focused. We have listed some of the sustainability measures we have created so far in this journey:

Waste Minimisation:

Recycling in all suites

All organic kitchen waste is collected from each suite and composted on site

We clean all suites using only Earth Products

Water saving initiatives:

We manage all our properties dwellings and gardens purely from rain water, with 3 large water tanks onsite

Water saving toilets and taps installed

No baths in suites – water saving showers only

Energy Reduction:

Solar used for main residence

Instant gas hot water for each suite

Architecturally designed north facing aspect for two dwellings, with 6 metre ceilings

Cross flow ventilation in all suites

Polished concrete floors in two dwellings, acting as thermal insulator

Wood fire indoor and outdoor heating to some dwellings.

All fire wood collected and used from our own properties fallen trees

Spa bath has been removed, (reducing both water and energy consumption)

Fresh Produce:

Our small orchard on the property is starting to yield a nice variety of seasonal fruits, (citrus in winter and stone fruits in summer) that our guests are welcome to pick and enjoy at any time during their stay.

Saves a trip back to the shops!!

….Watch this space for our ever-evolving improvements!..